Tracking Application for Library Digitization Project

Client: Internal
Platform: MS Access
Delivery Date: Ongoing
Project Description: This project involves the scanning of over 15,000 library volumes. The majority of the work is done by student employees. This application streamlines data entry in multiple ways; provides lookups to help the students identify and decipher features of the volumes; and ultimately helps them identify the correct location for each volume in the institution’s digital repository.
Features: Students first search a combobox displaying a list of volumes already scanned, to help prevent duplicate entries. The “Add New” feature searches* a list of all volumes obtained from the library catalog and passes the values for call number, title, and author name into the form, automating some data entry and minimizing errors. Additional lookups on the main data entry form include a dropdown list for degree; selecting an item from the list automatically populates the “Department” field, as the degree-department relationship is not always apparent to the students. Two options exist for identifying faculty names from frequently illegible signatures: a set of comboboxes on the bottom of the ETD Register form (not shown), and a separate split form accessed by the “Show Faculty List” button, which allows the entries to be sorted by first or last name, or department. Students can also view a list of books with no scan date, and books whose “Uploaded?” value is FALSE, to help identify volumes that may need attention.
Users: 4

Main data entry form (click to enlarge):

“Add New” interface:

Split form for identifying faculty names:

*Hearty thanks to Open Gate Software for their search-as-you-type demo database.