Photos and Your Web Site

Photographs on the Web are different from photographs for printing, either as snapshots or within a publication like a brochure.  Photos for printing usually require at least 300 pixels per inch for quality results; screen resolution, however, is a maximum of 72 pixels per inch.  This is why it can be difficult to get a good quality print from photos saved to your computer by right-clicking within a web browser.

Therefore, when you’re sending photos to me for placement on your website, you can usually reduce their size with photo editing software to make uploading quicker.  Picasa is a free photo editor available from Google.

You must have the legal right to use photos you place on your website. This usually means you have taken them yourself or obtained them from their legal owner. By emailing me a photo you are certifying that you are legally permitted to use it on your Web site.

Stock photography is another good source of photographs. is a source of royalty-free photos; these may not be the highest quality but you can usually find very serviceable photographs there, especially of people. Two good sources to buy reasonably-priced professional photographs are and I have accounts with both of these sites and can obtain photos for you usually for around $15 per photo.

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